IDT EXPO September 13, 2018 Quarterly Meeting


IDT EXPO invites you to join us for our Fall Quarterly Meeting
September 13, 2018

Hilton Garden Inn NW America Plaza
14919 NW Freeway l Houston, TX 77041
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9:00AM Morning Session: 

  IDT EXPO is pleased to welcome
  Mr. Michael Slabic, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®
  Founding Advisor | Slabic Wealth Management – Northwestern Mutual

Mike began his financial planning practice in Houston over 22 years ago. In that time, he has been able to build a client base focused on business owners and highly compensated executives by building a network of advocates and centers of influence. Mike will be speaking with us on the power of a strong network as well as how to start, build and maintain one.

To read more about Mike and his team, visit MichaelSlabic.com



11:00AM Lunch Meeting Presentations:


Gary Littlestar, Smartpipe Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer, is a successful entrepreneur and experienced CEO, now leading a highly qualified Smartpipe team to advance the emerging technology company’s unique product, manufacturing and installation process  into a unique position in the midstream pipeline segment.  A member of the initial Angel investor group, Mr. Littlestar has also delivered significant additional capital, spurred the long-range planning, current and future product development, regulatory compliance and focus necessary to successfully commercialize Smartpipe’s technology.

Smartpipe® is a large diameter (5” to 15” OD), High-Pressure Fiber-Reinforced Composite Pipe, manufactured in a unique portable factory at the jobsite, where it is simultaneously installed in very long continuous segments. Pulled into a failed or failing host pipeline with only minimal excavation at the entry and exit points, or laid into a trench as a direct lay pipeline. Smartpipe® can be installed at a rate of approximately one mile per day and may be several miles long, between the entry and exit points with few, if any, midline connections.  Fiber Optic cables, embedded into the pipe’s construction, provide the operator with leak detection, communication, strain, ground movement and third party intrusion detection in real time.  Smartpipe® is the viable and proven new technology solution for High Consequence Urban, Suburban or Environmentally Sensitive Areas.  


Steven Koles is President and CEO of Hifi Hifi Engineering – World-class Pipeline Monitoring.  Mr. Koles has over 20 years of operational and executive experience in technology companies. He has been involved as an executive and corporate director with such organizations as Steeper Energy, Qwick Media, Route 1, Aksys Networks and the Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP).  Steven has also served in management positions with AOL / Time Warner Canada, Group Telecom, and TELUS Corporation.






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