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information about becoming a sponsor for our 2nd Annual IDT EXPO

Norris Conference Center
816 Town & Country Blvd.
Houston TX, 77024

Come Join Us!

IDT EXPO is all about connecting innovators, users, and investors to the people who put technology to work. Come join us for another successful event to learn, connect, and network.

Our morning session will provide a mix of presentations along the technical lines as well as business / career development.

During our afternoon session, we are providing additional time for visiting our sponsors and exhibitors, hosting demos from various technology companies and offering you additional time to connect.

IDT EXPO 2019 is pleased to welcome a well-known Houston radio personality, Michael Berry of 740AM - KTRH.

If you're not familiar with who Michael Berry is, below is an excerpt of his bio:

"Michael Berry owns the Redneck Country Club, and proudly refers to himself as a Redneck, a word he insists must be capitalized. He owns a mint condition General Lee. He loves cars but can't fix em, loves guns but doesn't like to clean em, and he enjoys friend chicken and cornbread..."
Michael Berry graduated the University of Houston Honors College.  He earned a law degree from the University of Texas School of Law, and another law degree from the University of Nottingham Law Centre in England.  He practiced law, opened a real estate firm, served on Houston city council, ran radio stations, and now hosts the nationally syndicated Michael Berry Show, heard from New York to Portland, Oregon.  He has been married to former Secretary of State Nandita Berry for 25 years.  They have 2 sons.  Crockett, who is 11, and Michael T, who is 13.  Michael is the owner of the RCC, a live music venue, and Republic BBQ, both located in Stafford.  

We look forward to having the “Czar of Talk Radio” entertain us!

We also welcome Samuel Askins, Camp Hope's Regional Director of Texas

Samuel Askins is a faithful servant of the U.S., having served our country as an Airborne Infrantryman and then as an instructor in a Drill Sergeant unit during a tour in Iraq under General David Petraeus. Through Sam’s treatment and recovery from PTSD, he was instrumental in the formation of Camp Hope which provides a program that is geared towards recovery for combat veterans with both a residential facility and counseling. Sam now serves as Camp Hope’s Regional Director for Texas.   

IDT EXPO 2018 Event Statistics

34 Exhibitors and Sponsors
250 Registrants in attendance
1 large display area for our Exhibitors.
Scheduled time for networking with
attendees and Exhibitors and Sponsors.

IDT EXPO 2019 Plan

50 Exhibitors and Sponsors
350 Registrants in attendance
2 large display areas for our Exhibitors.
Afternoon networking with attendees and
Exhibitors and Sponsors.
Demo rooms for select Exhibitors to
present their technology.

Here are some of the comments we received from our sponsors...

"The IDT EXPO is a much more intimate setting, where people are there both for educational content and networking. It's a rare crowd of extraordinarily intelligent experts in their relative fields, and the collaboration of ideas available there is invaluable."

"...IDT EXPO is a most unique blend of advancing technology, financing, commercialization, and business development education that is offered in our area and in our industries..."

"Probably no better forum to inject new ideas and new business ventures into the march of progress of the real world."

"The cost we paid for our display was great value, compared to other events, such as SSTB. Also included was free lunch, and making the event free for attendees is a great move."


IDT EXPO offers 4 levels of Sponsor / Exhibitor participation to fit your advertising budget. All the details are highlighted in the brochure provided below.
Questions? Contact Wendy Courtright at Wendy.Courtright@idtexpo.com or click the contact tab on the right of your screen.

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